Elders sandalwood sale a headache for growers: Hamilton


Investors in a sandalwood plantation owned by Elders have accused the listed agribusiness company of fee grabbing and embarking on a fire sale of the assets, a rival bidder has claimed. Hamilton Securities execu.. Read More

Managed accounts experience FUM surge


Managed account funds under management (FUM) grew substantially in the first half of the 2017 financial year, driven by market movement in existing portfolios and new participants, according to the Institute of Manag.. Read More

New LIC taps into global uncertainty


Listed fund manager John Bridgeman has opened subscriptions for a new listed investment company (LIC) to focus on high-conviction, global macro strategies. The new LIC, Benjamin Hornigold Limited (BHL), followed.. Read More

Look beyond fixed income for opportunities


While bonds could no longer be perceived as an investor safe haven, investors could take heart from the strong rally in Australia’s commodities and positive signs in other sectors, according to Bennelong Austra.. Read More

US-led fiscal policy to boost global growth


The global shift from an expansionary monetary policy to expansionary fiscal policy sparked by recent political events has opened the way for a positive change in market behaviour for investors, according to UBS Asse.. Read More

Opinion – Yield hunters set to come unstuck


Chasing income usually entails more risk – both direct and indirect – than the client can understand and the adviser can explain, yet the last few years have been unusual in that these extra risks haven&r.. Read More

Praemium CEO hits back following sacking


The ousted chief executive of listed managed account provider Praemium has joined with several prominent investors in the company to requisition a general meeting of shareholders in an attempt to replace Praemium&rsq.. Read More

Entry and exit strategy key for investors


A disciplined entry and exit strategy could prove to be the difference for investors hoping to outperform the market this year, with trends indicating a continuing resources resurgence and rising interest rates would.. Read More

Gen Ys rely on advisers for big decisions


The entrepreneurial nature of gen Y professionals represented a new opportunity for financial advisers as many still opted for traditional face-to-face interactions when seeking advice on starting a new business or e.. Read More

Investor education linked to smart beta rise


The evolution of investor understanding when it came to portfolio returns had resulted in many retail investors increasingly turning to factor indices as key drivers of long-term performance, according to MSCI Austra.. Read More

US rates set for sudden surge


The process of ‘normalisation’ of interest rates in the United States could happen much quicker than many economists were predicting as rates might need to reach between 5 per cent and 6 per cent within t.. Read More