Opinion – Income can be protected from rising rates


Many market commentators have warned that investors face significant losses on their income portfolios as yields around the world begin to rise from record lows. Their warnings gained some validity when bond yie.. Read More

Investors lacking active ETF knowledge


While exchange-traded funds (ETF) were proving an increasingly viable investment option for retail investors, more than one in two had a limited understanding of actively managed ETFs, meaning further education was .. Read More

Managers face pressure through new trends


Active managers were in denial about the realities of structural pressure on their traditional business models through new trends, such as factor investing and capped management fees, and needed to demonstrate a stro.. Read More

AGBA to host goals-based advice conference


Financial adviser industry body the Association of Goals Based Advice (AGBA) will host its inaugural conference in November and launch new industry awards to recognise advisers adopting a goals-based approach. T.. Read More

DomaCom unveils new retirement development


Fractional property investment group DomaCom has partnered with Akuna Lifestyle Estates to launch a new crowdfunded retirement community in regional Victoria. In a statement, the group said the new project would.. Read More

Caution vital for crypto-currency investors


As an emerging asset class, crypto-currencies are carving out a new investment opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios, yet these same investors would be wise to remain prudent and look closer.. Read More

Compliance key for Beacon-Libertas merger


Compliance was the key factor in independent licensee Beacon Financial Group acquiring Libertas Financial Planning, according to the group’s managing director, Peter Daly. Speaking to financialobserver, D.. Read More

Smart beta next frontier for ETF industry


The rise of smart beta investing could pave the way for a new swathe of exchange traded funds (ETFs) that cater for a growing investor appetite for income while minimising risk, according to BlackRock. Speaking .. Read More

Super funds on course for eighth year surge


Super funds are likely to post a positive finish for the eighth consecutive financial year, yielding a 110 per cent return since the end of the global financial crisis (GFC), according to a Chant West media release. .. Read More

Opinion – Beware ETF risks as market turns


Since 2008, US mutual fund investors have liquidated more than US$800 billion of their holdings in actively managed equity mutual funds and purchased about US$1.8 trillion of equity index funds, or exchange traded fu.. Read More

At risk investors should try real returns


Too many investors believed a relative return against a market benchmark was the “ultimate measure of investment success” and were at risk of experiencing deep drawdowns, and those investors should inste.. Read More

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