Macrovue to provide pathway to global shares


By Elizabeth Somerville

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Online investment platform Macrovue was aiming to bridge the gap between retail investors and international shares, according to founder Sid Saghal.

Speaking at the recent Fintech Showcase in Sydney hosted by the Financial Services Institute of Australasia in partnership with Stone & Chalk, Saghal said currently it was extremely difficult for retail investors to directly access international shares.

Saghal cited two reasons for this set of circumstances: a lack of knowledge and a cumbersome process.

“Investors don’t know what to invest in, as when you move beyond Google, Apple and Facebook, most people don’t know what US stock, what European stock or what Asian stock to buy,” he said.

“The second reason is the process is really quite complicated and cumbersome.

“We’ve built the solution which tackles both those issues.”

Macrovue’s portfolios are built around themes or ideas that investors can identify with, such as Asian healthcare or Australian small caps.

However, Saghal pointed out they might not know where to start or have the time to research those investment segments.

“We do the hard work and pick 10 stocks in the theme,” he said.

“The reason why we pick 10 stocks is because we want to diversify your portfolio in that theme so you’re not exposed to single-stock risk.

“Once we’ve created this portfolio, we offer it on the platform.

“A user can click the button and we handle all the foreign exchange transactions, we handle all the compliance for international investing and we execute the order through the platform itself.”

In the past, retail investors had steered away from international investing due to the costs involved, however, the Macrovue platform would be several times cheaper than the international brokerage options currently available, Saghal explained.

Macrovue was preparing for a soft launch this month and would go live to the public in the second quarter of 2016, he added.

In addition, AMP has recently come on board as a strategic investor in the company.

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