SCT finalises 18 pct more complaints


By Wouter Klijn

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The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) finalised 2719 complaints during 2013/14, an increase of 18.4 per cent compared to the previous year’s 2296 finalised complaints.

In 2013/14, the tribunal received 2491 written complaints, compared to 2444 complaints in 2012/13, an increase of 2 per cent, according to preliminary figures published in the SCT’s Quarterly Bulletin yesterday.

Complaints about insurance payouts form a large part of written complaints.

Death benefit complaints have hovered around 30 per cent to 35 per cent in recent years, while disability made up another 20 per cent.

In 2013/14, the tribunal received in total 12,249 telephone calls, the vast majority of which were not about complaints, but rather queries about the tribunal.

The previous year, the tribunal received 11,441 telephone calls.

The SCT also recorded a steep increase in the number of complaints that were resolved at review, rather than at the inquiry or conciliation stage.

The tribunal said it resolved 268 complaints at review, more than double the number in 2012/13, when it resolved 133 complaints at review.

The SCT held 748 conciliation conferences last year compared with 424 in the previous year, an increase of 76.4 per cent, and median times for complaints resolved at review decreased by 137 days.

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