SMA activity rises on new Infocus platforms


By Kristen Crawford

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Infocus Wealth management says it has witnessed greater activity around separately managed accounts (SMAs) since adding Hub24 and Praemium to its list of approved platforms.

“We’ve definitely been doing more in the SMA space since the uptake of the two platforms, which have been really well received,” Infocus Wealth Management managing director Rod Bristow told financialobserver on Friday.

“We’ve had an SMA platform on the APL [approved product list] for many years, but I guess we’re seeing more and more demand from advisers for SMAs because our solutions are well priced, meaning there are good outcomes in terms of clients.”

He also pointed to greater transparency and professional management benefits, and highlighted that while the group was seeing growth via the SMA platforms, its traditional managed funds platforms were growing as well.

Infocus also had good uptake for a range of offerings right across the business, Bristow said.

Further, as an independent it was important that Infocus provided its advisers with as much choice as possible on the APL, he said.

“With the addition of the Hub24 and Praemium platforms we’ve now got seven full choice platform investment services on the APL, so I think we probably have one of the broadest APLs in the industry now,” he said.

“We’re always really keen to make sure we can provide our advisers with really high quality investment choices for their clients.”

Meanwhile, he said Investment Trends rated each of the group’s platforms “really highly”.

“As a business we really focus on working with our advisers to do three things – help them grow revenue, increase efficiency and effectively manage risk while they deliver great client service,” he said.

The business announced on Friday that it had appointed experienced director and senior executive Karen Smith-Pomeroy to its board.

Smith-Pomeroy was most recently a senior executive with Suncorp Group, which included her role as chief risk officer of Suncorp Bank from 2009 to 2013.

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