A behind the scenes look at financial services

A job well done


A lot has been said about the bottom line woes of our national airline, Qantas, with headlines claiming the Flying Kangaroo could potentially be grounded.

Well the 'Grounded Kangaroo' was a reality for the selfmanagedsuper representatives making their way to Brisbane for last month’s SPAA conference.

As the flight powered up for take-off, the captain shut the engines down, informing passengers there was a problem with one of the aircraft’s engines.

The seriousness of the situation saw the plane return to the terminal for the required maintenance, with travellers disembarking for a short period of time.

Two-and-a-half hours later the flight was back on its way and we’re pleased to say all involved arrived safely in the Sunshine State.

We thought the synergies between the SMSF sector and the pilot’s actions were quite evident.

He self-managed the situation, created a suitable degree of transparency by keeping flyers informed of the situation, completed the required compliance procedures to ensure the passengers’ safety, and delivered the expected outcome for the fees that were charged.

What’s more, a food and beverage rebate of $20 was provided to each customer.

A job well done in difficult circumstances.

Branding masterstroke


No matter what organisation you’re a part of, the ultimate goal is to build the brand of that business as much as you can.

This often requires numerous hours of strategising to ensure maximum cut through is achieved with the target audience.

But sometimes the planets align and you just get lucky with the equivalent of a branding free kick.

This happened to one Macquarie executive waiting for his flight at Sydney airport.

While speaking on his mobile phone, he noticed a photographer shooting in front of him.

Once aware of the photographer’s presence, he started to wonder what he was shooting and why he hadn’t been asked to remove himself from the shot.

He then realised the shutterbug was shooting the Macquarie ad on the display behind him and probably was pleased to include him in the image as he was wearing a Macquarie-branded polo shirt.

It meant a double branding result was achieved without having planned for it.

A proverbial free kick and certainly much better than a kick in the pants.

In the wrong business


Industry conferences always require exhibitors to set up their booths the day before the conference begins.

This doesn’t mean actually constructing the booths, but rather setting up banners, magazine stands and making sure the right furniture is present.

So it was to the Benchmark Media team’s surprise that officials at the Brisbane Convention Centre informed them that to be allowed to set their booth up at the recent SPAA National Conference they needed to wear high visibility vests as the exhibition hall was strictly defined as a construction zone.

Being unprepared for this development, they were told the mandatory items of clothing could be acquired at a nearby service window.

What security didn’t tell them was the vests cost $10 a pop! With three team members present it meant an easy $30 profit for the centre management.

It was easy money in anyone’s language and left this publisher thinking he’s in the wrong business when it comes to making an effortless tidy little profit.