Taking stock: living in cloud cuckoo land


In the metaphorical market equivalent of a couple of Panadols and a good lie down, the best panacea for a resoundingly bleak outlook and seemingly insurmountable economic disasters is a couple of quarters of solid in.. Read More

Triple A launches cryptocurrency fund


A hedge fund industry veteran has partnered with ANZ’s former head of global markets to launch Australia’s first cryptocurrency-focused managed fund, which will give sophisticated investors exposure to em.. Read More

Long-term investors should look to property


Investors with a long time horizon should not be discouraged by the rising interest rate environment from investing in global real estate as the asset class was likely to outperform equities in the long term, accordi.. Read More

Opinion – Diversification doesn’t always pay


One of the most commonly touted rules of investing is to create a diversified investment portfolio. Investment guru Warren Buffett is critical of this rule and has been quoted as saying “wide diversification is.. Read More

FPEC announces grant winners


A study on ethical challenges in financial planning and a research project on the advice needs of small business owners are among the recipients of the Financial Planning Education Council’s academic research g.. Read More

Podcast: Ethics in advice and investing


In financialobserver's first podcast, the FPA's Ben Marshan drops by to discuss how ethics fits in with the modern advice profession, while Australian Ethical's Stuart Palmer discusses the growing trend of ethically mind.. Read More

Blackstone buys La Trobe stake


International asset manager Blackstone has taken a majority stake in peer-to-peer lending firm La Trobe Financial. In a statement, La Trobe Financial said Blackstone had purchased an 80 per cent equity share in .. Read More

Growth flat in managed funds


Growth in the retail managed fund market was flat in the third quarter of 2017, with independent platform providers continuing to outstrip the incumbents in terms of inflows, according to new statistics from Strategi.. Read More

Super system failing women


Australia’s superannuation system appears to be failing female retirees, with women nearing the end of their working lives having just $80,000 on average in their super account, according to robo advice firm Si.. Read More

Use royal commission to improve sector


The financial services sector should use the forthcoming royal commission as a chance to identify further areas for improvement despite a multitude of recent inquiries having already focused on the industry, accordin.. Read More

HNWs turn away from planners


Australia’s wealthy investors are growing in number but are seeking less advice from financial planners, according to new research from Investment Trends. The group’s 2017 High Net Worth Investor Rep.. Read More

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