Triple A launches cryptocurrency fund


A hedge fund industry veteran has partnered with ANZ’s former head of global markets to launch Australia’s first cryptocurrency-focused managed fund, which will give sophisticated investors exposure to em.. Read More

Consider planned approach to festive spending


The amount consumers spend on Christmas gifts for friends and family has increased 25 per cent in the past five years, prompting warnings that a more planned approach to festive season shopping is necessary, accordin.. Read More

Fintechs unlikely to steal bank credit


Any fears investors may have about fintech companies entering the credit space and rendering allocations to the big four Australian banks can be allayed due to a number of crucial factors such as regulation and retur.. Read More

Opinion - From ‘made in China’ to ‘created in China’


Having spent some time in China recently, I have come away with an overriding view: China is well on its way to morphing from the factory of the world to the laboratory of the world. Starting with the big pictu.. Read More

DomaCom appoints new trustee firm


Fractional property investment group DomaCom’s fund unitholders have approved the appointment of a new professional trustee firm, Melbourne Securities Corporation. In a statement, DomaCom said the new trus.. Read More

Energy sector provides strong opportunities


A specialist fund manager has identified energy as the sector that is currently providing the best opportunities to invest in disruptive companies. “We think the next disruption thematic is energy because .. Read More

PineBridge unveils new income fund


Global fund manager PineBridge Investments has launched a new income fund to the Australian market as it aims to double its funds under management from the retail channel within the next year. Speaking to financ.. Read More

VC offers diversification for HNWIs


Venture capital (VC) investments offered the opportunity for high net worth individuals to diversify into alternative assets and capture growth from early-stage companies that were not yet attracting attention from t.. Read More

Montgomery Global unveils ETMF


Montgomery Global Investment Management has launched an exchange-traded version of its existing global equities managed fund. In a statement, the fund manager said the Montgomery Global Equities Fund (MOGL) was .. Read More

Opinion – Market’s fate tied to tech, resources


Australian equities have tended to underperform the global benchmark in recent years, which again highlights the importance of seeking some global diversification within investment portfolios. That said, the deg.. Read More

Consider India for growth, diversification


The state of India’s economy and its low correlation to the Australian equity market are two compelling reasons why investors should consider a portfolio allocation to this emerging market, according to a globa.. Read More

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