Investment themes and risks for the year ahead


The shocks that reverberated throughout the global banking, financial, corporate and household sectors following the 2007/08 global financial crisis had a significant negative impact on global corporate investment. .. Read More

Opinion – 2018 to be the year of the machine


As artificial intelligence (AI) moves from the realms of fantasy to reality, it brings both opportunities and threats for investors in 2018. The possibilities of AI were underscored in 2015 when Google’s DeepMi.. Read More

Opinion – Collaboration essential to AML success


The fight against financial criminals goes back decades. International coalitions such as the Financial Action Task Force, created in 1989, have taken anti money-laundering (AML) efforts one step further, yet crimina.. Read More

Opinion – Diversification doesn’t always pay


One of the most commonly touted rules of investing is to create a diversified investment portfolio. Investment guru Warren Buffett is critical of this rule and has been quoted as saying “wide diversification is.. Read More

Opinion - Education fears real and justified


As 2017 draws to a close we are running headlong into a new adviser education environment, something that is striking fear into the hearts of many risk-focused financial advisers. And with good reason. Central .. Read More

Opinion – More than one way to plan for retirement


While society places a great deal of focus on preparing financially for life after work, many pre-retirees do not give as much attention to the non-financial preparation needed to achieve fulfilment as they age. .. Read More

Opinion – More regulatory change to come


When the new owner of Formula One recently announced substantial rule changes designed to level the playing field and reduce the cost of execution for teams, not everyone was happy about it. Ferrari, the most success.. Read More

Opinion - From ‘made in China’ to ‘created in China’


Having spent some time in China recently, I have come away with an overriding view: China is well on its way to morphing from the factory of the world to the laboratory of the world. Starting with the big pictu.. Read More

Opinion – Market’s fate tied to tech, resources


Australian equities have tended to underperform the global benchmark in recent years, which again highlights the importance of seeking some global diversification within investment portfolios. That said, the deg.. Read More

Opinion: Robots transforming insurance efficiency


The latest technological advancement representing a ‘game changer’ in financial services is the application of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly natural language processing (NLP). While these cap.. Read More

Opinion: Machine learning is the new oil


There is so much discussion about artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, that the general population would be excused for going a little glazed in the eyes at its mention. People can touch and feel a.. Read More

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