Opinion – 2018 to be the year of the machine


As artificial intelligence (AI) moves from the realms of fantasy to reality, it brings both opportunities and threats for investors in 2018. The possibilities of AI were underscored in 2015 when Google’s DeepMi.. Read More

Opinion - Look for quality in small EM players


The long-term secular drivers for the emerging market (EM) asset class remain firmly in place, notwithstanding any recent uptick in volatility. As the growth premium to developed markets will sustain, EMs are more li.. Read More

Opinion - Black hats fuel planning emergency


The financial planning industry is brimming with a great deal of enthusiasm at the moment. While there may be some negativity brewing around legislation, technology seems to be coming up with innovative ways of deliv.. Read More

Opinion – Conflict-free model key to sector transition


The problems associated with vertically aligned wealth advisory models, and the fallout when the advice given leads to bad client outcomes, are well documented. Reams of column inches have been devoted to outlining t.. Read More

Opinion – Active versus passive a matter of goals


For too long the investment debate has centered around either active or passive. However, the right answer is likely to be invest across both styles, with the mix being determined by the returns targeted, risk tolera.. Read More

Editorial: Soft skills key for new gen advisers


Earlier this year over coffee with the managing director of a leading privately owned dealer group, we touched on the subject of community and how he felt it had largely disappeared from the advice industry over the.. Read More

Opinion: Low cost ETFs can engage millennials


Although younger Australians do not generally seek out financial advice as much as older Australians due to their lower net wealth, as former federal treasurer Peter Costello once said, “demography is destiny&r.. Read More

Opinion – Consumer curiosity drives fintech rise


The finance industry is changing. While the look of your typical suburban main drag hasn’t changed much, with the same old four banks maintaining their presence, the interactions, products and services on .. Read More

Opinion – Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor


The low level of volatility in equity markets is being interpreted by some as a sign of investor complacency that will lead to eventual market collapse. Extended periods of low volatility are not abnormal and can per.. Read More

Opinion – Fundamental view means no need for ESG


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors cover a wide range of issues which are becoming increasingly important to investors concerned with the behavior of companies and sustainability generally. They inclu.. Read More

Opinion – Opportunities for investors on New Silk Road


If the President of the world’s most populous nation, with a large and fast growing economy, invites you to a huge economic growth party to reshape Asia that he will host and fund, and which he describes as &ld.. Read More

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