Opinion – 2018 to be the year of the machine


As artificial intelligence (AI) moves from the realms of fantasy to reality, it brings both opportunities and threats for investors in 2018. The possibilities of AI were underscored in 2015 when Google’s DeepMi.. Read More

Opinion - Good design can make SMAs a winner


There is no question financial advisers are increasingly turning to separately managed accounts (SMAs) as an investment vehicle of choice. As a specialist SMA provider, Ralton has been in the game for nearly a decade.. Read More

Opinion – Drown out the ‘noise’ with advice benefits


We often hear, and quote ourselves, the statistic that only one in five Australians currently receive financial advice. It’s long been a statistic in the industry, and was more recently validated in Investment .. Read More

Opinion – Education, tech to future-proof advice


The outlook for financial advice has never been better. I am confident about the future for such an important profession, which is reinforced by positive macro-economic trends. We know the need for advice has n.. Read More

Opinion – Smart beta not what it seems


Promoted as a new way to diversify and reduce risk, smart beta aims to combine elements of passive index investing and active fund management to deliver the best of both worlds - transparency, broad diversification a.. Read More

Opinion - Emerging markets growth set to increase


Emerging markets equities have risen nearly 17 per cent in US dollar terms this calendar year to May on stronger global growth prospects. Despite reiteration from the US Federal Reserve after its March interest.. Read More

Opinion – Community key to super engagement woes


Understanding communities is essential to unpicking the engagement conundrum that has plagued the superannuation industry since inception. If the industry wants members and not just account holders, it’s essent.. Read More

Opinion – Floating rates offer fixed income complement


In today’s world of very low interest rates, investors face a challenging trade-off in seeking decent income returns outside of the volatile equity market. While cash and deposit products offer relative securit.. Read More

Opinion – Beware ETF risks as market turns


Since 2008, US mutual fund investors have liquidated more than US$800 billion of their holdings in actively managed equity mutual funds and purchased about US$1.8 trillion of equity index funds, or exchange traded fu.. Read More

Opinion – Look to newer funds for retirement income


With the huge bulge of baby boomers entering retirement, and yields at near-record lows, there is an emerging rediscovery of the vital role equities can play in delivering retirement outcomes. Equities provide r.. Read More

Opinion: ETF surge merits consideration


Exchange traded funds (ETFs) can be a great investment vehicle for retail investors, offering tradability, transparency, accessibility, flexibility and lower costs than managed funds. ETFs have become a popular choic.. Read More

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