Opinion – 2018 to be the year of the machine


As artificial intelligence (AI) moves from the realms of fantasy to reality, it brings both opportunities and threats for investors in 2018. The possibilities of AI were underscored in 2015 when Google’s DeepMi.. Read More

Opinion: Rates on the up as economy improves


Rising house prices have been the norm for a long time in Australia, particularly on the east coast, but that could be about to change as new rules on lending to riskier segments of the market and the prospect of hig.. Read More

Opinion – Consider super options as 1 July approaches


There are two groups of Australians most likely to be impacted by the 1 July super changes: those with large superannuation balances, either in the accumulation or retirement phase, and those on the highest marginal .. Read More

Opinion – Budget 2017: bank shaming or politics as always?


Political veteran Laurie Oakes remarked that the federal Government’s 2017 Budget was a clever political move that “stole the thunder” of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten by neutralising Labor on hear.. Read More

Opinion - Euro shares in spotlight after Macron win


The outcome of the French presidential election has proven to be a great relief to financial markets, with centrist and former economy minister Emanuel Macron having claimed victory against the National Front’s.. Read More

Opinion – Careful what you wish for on BOLRs


Those old enough to remember will recall Paul Kelly’s lyrics sung in perfect harmony by Vika and Linda Bull, namely “be careful what you pray for, you might just get it”. The modern day applicat.. Read More

Opinion – Planning success about more than money


As a trusted financial planner, it’s not always just about the money for your clients. Sometimes you may be dealing with simple, arms-length requirements, such as growing a client’s super fund to a c.. Read More

Opinion - Active approach key to ethical success


As ethical investing has evolved over the past 20 years into the wider consideration of environment, social and governance (ESG) issues, so has the way professional investors approach and assess all the elements invo.. Read More

Opinion – Effective planning can boost sale results


Effective transition planning continues to be a major area of weakness in the Australian marketplace. According to our latest stats, just 39 per cent of practices have a clearly documented succession or buy sell plan.. Read More

Opinion – Longevity the biggest risk of all


A topic being debated in our office is the claim that the first person to live to 150 years of age has already been born. This ‘alternative fact’ is, of course, unprovable – scientific studies can e.. Read More

Opinion – Disrupt yourself to stay in front


One of the most fashionable clichés at present is the word ‘disruption’. Make that ‘digital disruption’ and you are on to a winner if you are a public speaker. Corporates love the.. Read More

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