Elixir’s Juice aims to fuel practice growth


By Kristen Crawford

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The Juice Console software to be launched today will allow Elixir clients and licensees to improve their practice management and business models, Elixir managing director Sue Viskovic said.

“It’s called Juice because it will help to fuel or juice up a business, or impart vitality,” she said of the software, which has been close to two years in development.

Viskovic said that her work with financial advisers and risk specialists around Australia demonstrated that many faced the same issues as their licensees.

These included how to achieve their big picture goals, to determine what to implement in order to achieve the growth and evolution targets, and to avoid being swamped by daily tasks.

“A lot of licensees I’m speaking to at the moment are really challenged by helping their advisers become more productive and to add value,” Viskovic said.

“And some of them have a bunch of different tools that their PDMs [practice development managers] are armed with, but they’re not getting the take-up that they would like.

“All of them share the desire to add value to their businesses in a way the advisers can really appreciate, without necessarily having a massive budget to do so.”

The Juice console’s business success wheel would allow licensees to track business performance and success, and to show what was holding back growth.

Its evolution map would allow a business to strategise the ideal direction using Juice’s one-page business plan.

Further, businesses could implement a grand plan and keep their team accountable with real-time performance visibility that allowed businesses to prioritise issues.

Juice provided live data to actively improve sales, deliver better service and track pipeline opportunities, Viskovic said.

The tools would also enable users to benchmark their performance so they could visualise what was possible for the business and how it compared with other industry players.

“This is software that takes the best of our coaching tools and puts them straight in the hands of advisers and their PDMs,” Viskovic said.

Licensees could engage with the Juice software by introducing their advisers directly to the system or rolling it out through PDMs.

“If you choose to, we can train your management staff to become accredited Juice experts, as it forms the basis of a great training and development program for PDMs,” Viskovic said.

Alternatively, Juice could be used as a way of providing ongoing training for PDMs and Elixir consultants would work with PDMs on a regular basis.

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