Findex broadens adviser service suite


By Sarah Kendell

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Findex Group has progressed the rollout of a family office model across its 120 advice offices nationwide and is undergoing a major technology project that will allow advisers to access client information across all the group’s business divisions.

In an interview with financialobserver, Findex chief operating officer Tony Roussos explained that as the group had acquired so many independent businesses over the past several years, clients were often accessing different services from different business units without each adviser being able to have a full picture of the client’s financial situation.

“We are scrutinising all the applications that our different service lines are using because traditionally services like audit, accounting and financial planning all have their own systems,” Roussos said.

“We are trying to build an enterprise service bus, which is a portal and allows all the disparate packages to talk to one another and bring the solutions up to the adviser to be able to make some calls on clients’ affairs.”

This was in line with the group’s family office strategy, which was progressing across all its offices since being launched last November and aimed to provide a team of specialists for each client across areas such as accounting, financial advice, insurance, lending and business consulting, he said.

“It’s always been a structure that has only been available to the few people that have really large amounts of money and can create their own office of consultants,” he said.

“What we are trying to do is bring together those five or six separate advisers that any client may have across different areas of their finances and make sure those different service lines talk to each other.”

While each client within a Findex business could still maintain a relationship with their primary adviser, whether they were an accountant, financial planner or risk adviser, the new model encouraged each adviser to collaborate with the other service providers within their office to broaden out the range of services that could be offered to the client, he said.

“That way the client sees us a lot more favourably – we are not just someone they see once a year for a single transaction like a tax return, we’re actually a service for the client that they would like to have a relationship with,” he said.

“For us it’s all about internally structuring better collaboration between the service lines, and to do that you really need to set up family services from within."

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