Make use of tools for digital engagement

Advisers can use free digital tools in their business to boost engagement


By Sarah Kendell

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Advisers could make use of a variety of free tools to better engage clients and prospects through digital and social media, according to a panel of experts.

Addressing delegates at the FPA 2017 Congress in Hobart last week, AP Financial Solutions principal adviser Adrian Patty said Facebook was a particularly important marketing tool to make use of given its prevalence and the frequency with which it was used by Australian consumers.

“More than seven in 10 Australians are on Facebook and the majority of those access it more than five times a day,” Patty said.

“A lot of advisers say their clients are older people so they don’t need to use it, but actually 50 per cent of people aged 65 and over are also on Facebook, so you have to go where the audience is.”

He said Facebook offered access to detailed analytics that could help advisers better target their marketing activities, such as the personal interests of a particular demographic and which stores they regularly shopped at.

“Even if you are not going to use Facebook to promote, it’s really interesting to know that, for example, if you are going to run a promotion at a shopping centre and you are trying to work out which one to spend money on to do it, you can put your client demographic in and find out that this group spends most of their time at the Supa Centa in Moore Park [in Sydney],” he said.

“And this information is all free, anyone can go in and have a play around and get their client base figured out.”

Loom was another free software tool that was changing the way advisers could engage with their clients as it allowed them to record and send raw video footage that could add a personal touch to post-meeting follow-ups, according to Verse Wealth co-founder Corey Wastle.

“You can download Loom in two minutes and it allows you to record video simply and easily for multiple purposes,” Wastle said.

“You can record to camera if you want to send a personalised video to someone saying something like ‘thanks for coming in today, we’ll see you in three months’, or you can also do instructional type videos where you have an ROA (record of advice) or SOA (statement of advice) that you want to speak to, you can have the video capture the document on your screen and take them through that.”

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