OneVue unveils managed fund portfolios


By Sarah Kendell

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Platform services provider OneVue has launched a series of new model portfolios in partnership with Proactive Portfolios, which will use managed funds as the basis for client allocations.

The series of five new models will be available through the WealthPortal platform and will use a managed investment scheme structure to allow advisers to quickly and easily buy into the portfolio in its entirety on behalf of clients.

Speaking to financialobserver, OneVue head of product Brett Marsh said the launch of the new portfolios would ensure advisers had a greater range of assets to choose from if they were looking to put clients in a managed account structure.

“A standard SMA (separately managed account) uses listed securities, but this structure uses a range of investments – [the portfolios are] all managed funds, but we have built the capability to use SMAs, managed funds and listed securities within the overall structure,” Marsh said.

“SMAs have typically been focused on Australian and more recently international equities, but by being able to have managed funds in the mix you can access asset classes like infrastructure and fixed interest as well as equity exposures.”

He said the launch of the portfolio suite had come in direct response to industry feedback, particularly where advisers who were already following a recommended model portfolio through their dealer group had been running into trouble with the amount of paperwork required.

“The feedback we were getting was that [existing model portfolios were] really laborious – advisers had to make several follow-up calls to their clients, prepare an ROA (record of advice) and sell off the relevant assets just to do a rebalance, so it’s easy to see how that process alone would have taken about a month,” he said.

“Under this new product, if the client has agreed to the type of investments they want to be in, you can run a portfolio that meets that objective while removing a whole lot of administrative processes.”

He predicted continued growth for the managed portfolio space over the next few years as advisers began to realise the immense efficiency benefits that could come from the structure.

“Whenever you’ve got a change in process, people need time to analyse it, but once they move into something like this and a rebalance comes in and they don’t have to go through the flurry of activity, they will start to see the benefits,” he noted.

“The thematic in this industry is a bit like it is everywhere – our clients are always wanting more, so we are all charging forward trying to make things more efficient so we have viable businesses to run.”

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