The last goodbye


By Kate Kachor

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I thought writing this editorial, my last as editor of financialobserver,  would be relatively easy. Not because of any hurry to exit, but because of the years and fond memories this industry has afforded me.

Let me take a step back for a moment.

I first started reporting on Australia’s financial services industry back in … well, actually, let’s not talk numbers. I’ll put it a different way.

When I started reporting on this sector, Godfrey Pembroke was a privately-owned dealer group, the industry was in the throes of the financial services reform changes, ASIC had revoked Saxby Bridge Financial Planning’s licence and Westpoint was yet to collapse.

I have spent more than a decade of my professional life in this industry in one guise or another and for the most part I have loved every moment. This is what makes the decision to leave so bittersweet.

Though in saying that, leaving to focus on the next phase of my professional life also feels right.

I’ve witnessed and reported on a number of incredible moments in this industry’s recent history – far too many to individually name.

And I have nothing but praise for the individuals who, year in, year out, make this industry tick.

To those high up in your executive towers, to the sole operators in regional Australia, I thank you for your time and patience over the years.

To the staff of big and small organisations who have stopped me or a member of the industry media in the street or at a conference to tell us where we’re going right or where we’re going wrong, I thank you.

To those who I’ve made scramble for comment or confirmation on deadline, I thank you.

To those who’ve taken risks to inform on industry corruption and dishonest behaviour among your peers and by executives, I wholeheartedly thank you for your courage.

On a personal note, I would like to thank my friend, Darin Tyson-Chan, for all his support over the years, not only as publisher of financialobserver, but for the six-plus years we’ve known each other and worked together.

He took a big risk in launching Benchmark Media’s stable of publications –financialobserver, theinstoreport and selfmanagedsuper – almost two years ago and he, and the whole team, should be so proud of what they have all achieved. I know I am.

To the rest of the Benchmark Media team, thank you for all your unwavering hard work, constant laughs and everything owls.

I have thoroughly enjoyed what has been a marvellous roller-coaster ride. Until we meet again.

Kate Kachor

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