Valiant Finance launches adviser dashboard


By Daniel Paperny

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Sydney-based fintech firm Valiant Finance has unveiled a new platform for advisers and mortgage brokers in a bid to create a more seamless interface for client loan referrals.

Valiant Finance managing director and co-founder Alex Molloy said the firm had aimed to provide a simplified experience for advisers looking to branch out into providing business lending solutions to clients, particularly given the “broken nature” of lending today.

“We want to be the one-stop-shop solution for an adviser,” Molloy said.

“The priority for us is to get the dashboard in front of as many advisers and brokers as possible. At the same time, as we build up the number of lenders on the panel , including the major banks, we’ll be the only player offering them true cross-market visibility.”

The adviser dashboard builds on Valiant Finance’s beta launch in November last year, when co-founders Molloy and Richard Cotton unveiled their platform for the small business lending market, geared towards matching lending partners with small businesses for loans.

“The big priority for us was trying to move quickly to get something to market that we could begin serving customers with so that we could improve and optimise the platform [as well as] understand where the pain points are in a customer’s experience,” Molloy said.

“[We wanted] to create an experience for the consumer that was both really fast and easy on their end, as well as sufficiently powerful to help match with a lender in a meaningful way.

“That’s the key challenge in this space: the more information that you have, the more powerful the decision that you can make, [however] the more challenging you make it for your customer to have a faster and convenient experience.”

Valiant Finance had concentrated on building its relations with non-banking financial institutions over the past few months, as well as finding lending partners “as quickly as possible” to help develop a comprehensive understanding of their lending criteria, information that would feed into Valiant Finance’s own algorithms, he said.

Partnerships in fintech heavily accelerated in all markets last year, with a total of 62 global marketplace lending partnerships formed, he added.

He also noted there was a growing push for distribution partnerships with third-party channels, such as online lender Moula’s partnership with finance broking group Liberty Network Services.

Valiant Finance would continue actively working on expanding its own partnerships and was planning an additional funding round for the end of May, he said.

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