XY cohort collaborates to share advice


By Kristen Crawford

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Collaborative community builder XY Adviser is launching its first full-day event as it responds to a need among advisers in its target generation X and Y cohorts who find it increasingly difficult to build great businesses on their own.

“More and more I think advisers are realising it's very difficult, if not impossible, to build a great business in isolation,” XY Adviser co-founder Ben Nash told financialobserver.

“Advisers [who are] part of the XY community recognise that there is so much to be learned off other advisers, and thankfully they're all happy to share.

“Those [who are] part of the XY community have a passion for building amazing businesses and client relationships, and have a passion for constantly looking for ways to improve their businesses.”

With a goal of setting a clear example for increased standards of financial advice, “The Modern Adviser” event on 12 November has been created in line with XY Adviser’s founding philosophy.

“The group’s vision is the sharing of ideas and assets, adviser to adviser, to achieve positive change for the industry,” XY Adviser co-founder and Treysta Wealth Management financial life manager Ray Jaramis said.

Sessions will be structured to share members’ innovative ideas with a focus on providing content advisers can implement immediately in their business, he added.

The event was another step in the group’s plan to facilitate opportunities for advisers to share ideas relevant to financial advice of the future.

The day would comprise three elements – advice, business management and technology.

Meanwhile, Zurich, CoreLogic, IOOF, Midwinter and Centuria have been announced as partners for the day.

“XY Adviser has always really relied on support from a range of industry stakeholders,” Nash said.

“Our event partners have come on board to support the event as they feel their vision and values align with what we are trying to achieve.”

Midwinter Financial Services managing director Julian Plummer said it was a great opportunity to be involved in an organisation that would have such an obvious and growing impact on outcomes-based advice.

“Being able to partner with XY Adviser will also give us insight into what direction to take our planning software,” Plummer said.

“XY’s focus on promoting outcomes-based advice, not product-based advice, is an example of this.”

The XY Adviser LinkedIn group has attracted almost 400 members since its 2014 inception, and it is hoped this will increase as more advisers see their values and vision align with those of the group.

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