A behind the scenes look at financial services

Breaking the sequence


Observant participants in the financial services sector, and more specifically the self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) space, may have noticed a pattern in the appointment of the SMSF Association’s senior executives.

A walk through the association’s past and current chairs would suggest if you didn’t have the Christian name Peter or Andrew, you wouldn’t be eligible to take on the position.

The past roll call includes individuals such as Peter Fry, Peter Hogan, Peter Crump, Andrew Hamilton and, of course, current chair Andrew Gale.

Throw into the mix chief executive Andrea Slattery and you could easily argue a case that there is some sort of existing pattern.

However, before the conspiracy theorists can get too excited, the sequence has now officially been broken.

As readers of financialobserver’s sister publication, selfmanagedsuper, would know, Slattery’s reign as chief executive ended in May, with her replacement announced as John Maroney – officially bringing the reign of the Peters and Andrews to an end.