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Distinction from The Donald


Ever since he hosted reality TV show The Apprentice, and certainly since he was a presidential candidate and now United States President, Donald Trump’s hairstyle has attracted a lot of attention.

So much so that when he was interviewed on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, he actually allowed the host to mess his hair up just to prove it was real.

The interest in Trump’s hair seems to have spread to these shores as well, with AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver having to defend his hairdo at a recent ASX Investor Day because it had been likened to the Donald’s set of follicles.

According to Oliver, he can’t escape the comparison because his son is continually reminding him of the perceived similarity.

But the chief economist was quick to point out Trump’s part is in a significantly different place.

Oliver did admit though that he thought it proved Trump had a good a hairdresser.