Keeping us honest


Members of the industry can be very coy in their conversations and actions once they know the media is present.

No doubt their concern stems from the fact they might inadvertently get caught out saying or doing something they shouldn’t.

But a recent experience showed this journalist the media themselves are being closely scrutinised by the people they write about.

At an end of year function attendees were given a test. They were asked how many animals of each kind Moses took on his ark.

This scribe fell for the trick and answered two. The correct answer of course is none because it was Noah who had the ark.

This writer thought nothing more of failing the test until one of his colleagues met up with an industry contact who had also attended the end of year lunch.

At the meeting the industry contact brought up the biblical reference and instructed the colleague to repeat the test to see how many animals this reporter thought went on the ark with Moses.

The trick wasn’t fallen for a second time but appropriate acknowledgement was given as to how closely the media themselves are being scrutinised.