Taking a Swan dive


Members of the financialobserver team were privileged enough to get an invite to the opening round match of the 2017 AFL season between the Sydney Swans and Port Adelaide courtesy of the Swan’s official education partner Kaplan.

And you could say there was a bit of a financial services, or at least finance sector, feel about the clash with David Koch also there in his capacity as Port Power president.

The day started with an address from Sydney chair Andrew Pridham and as expected he threw a few barbs at the Port Adelaide contingent to spice up proceedings.

This scribe thought he was a little harsh, especially when he quipped: “It’s always lonely in the middle of the ladder, but you’ve got to give credit to the Port fans for their passion and enthusiasm. The last time we saw such a large and passionate group of Adelaide locals all banding together was when they were getting arrested at New Year’s.”

This type of pre-game bravado can of course be fraught with danger and the inevitable serving of humble pie came two hours later when the Power chalked up its first win in 11 years at the SCG with a 28 point triumph over the home team.

In the final wash up we couldn’t help but think, given its high standing as a financial services educator, Kaplan might be able to give Pridham a few tips to help the chairman avoid having to wipe egg off his face again. Perhaps the lesson could centre on the age old financial services adage that past performance is no indication of future success.