AFA Rising Star finalist in recruitment push

Spark Professional will ensure advice firms are matched with the right candidates.


By Kristen Crawford

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A Sydney-based adviser and finalist in the Association of Financial Advisers 2015 Rising Star award has launched an industry placement and training service to assist in smooth recruitment and upskilling of practice support staff.

Spark Professional founder and AP Financial Solutions director Adrian Patty told financialobserver the service would facilitate the placement of practically trained candidates into financial services firms, helping advisers get the right person for the role.

“Practical experience is essential for not only graduates, but businesses looking to employ talented people,” Patty said.

“Finding quality experience has previously been quite challenging and there is a real need to connect talented individuals with employers who are looking for dedicated and job-ready people.”

Further, he said Spark Professional would provide a targeted training service to save firms time in on-the-job training and help advisers connect theory with practice.

The group aimed to stimulate genuine interest in financial advice and train top candidates with the practical skills needed for placement in quality companies across the industry, skills that were often not offered at university, he said.

“Finding the right people is hard in our industry and training them to do the job is even harder,” he said.

“That’s why we want to recruit individuals with the drive to succeed and give them all the tools they need to exceed employer expectations.”

Only quality candidates would be selected through a rigorous interview process, before undertaking an eight-week training program on topics including superannuation, insurance, investments and retirement planning through real-life case studies and mentoring activities, he said.

Students in the program would also learn cash-flow analysis, budgeting and various strategies to help clients reach their short, medium and long-term goals, he added.

The group would offer four distinct placement tiers to ensure firms could easily choose the talent that was right for their firm's needs, based on their current aptitude and future potential, he said.

“We will start our process by getting to know you, your firm and your needs,” he said.

“Further, Spark Professional will arrange interviews and provide ongoing support and training, with a 90-day guarantee.”

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