Clients, not reforms, should be focus: Englund


By Kate Kachor

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Financial advisers should focus on executing quality financial advice to more Australians and worry less about the disputes between Australia’s political parties, according to an advice executive.

The advice industry’s focus on the “ructions” between the parties was greater than advisers’ clients would ever be, Securitor and Licensee Select managing director Matt Englund said.

“We are about quality advice delivered in a commercially pragmatic way; our benchmarks and focus are beyond the minimum standards mandated by regulation,” Englund told financialobserver.

“We are more focused on the ructions between the parties than our clients will ever be – our practices are and should be focused purely on executing quality advice to more Australians.”

He said the message of quality of advice and professionalism required further reinforcement within the industry.

“The definition of advice may change over time – general, scaled, full – but what won’t change is what quality looks like,” he said.

“We must ensure we continue to debate what it is we are meaning when we talk about professionalism, what it delivers to clients and how we will know when we are there.

“[This year] is time for advisers to take stock, refresh their offer to clients and spend time investing in their own development.”

Specifically, advisers needed to address how they could improve their performance with clients, how they could improve efficiencies in their business and how they could continue to “embed the disciplines of adviser, CEO, business owner” in their practices, he said.

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