New content benefits added to Xplan


By James Dunn

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IRESS-owned financial software Xplan has rolled out access to the content developed through its Financial Knowledge Centre, in response to increasing demand from advisers to supply clients with meaningful and helpful investment and wealth management content.

The most recent release of Xplan sees the Financial Knowledge Centre content fully integrated with the software, giving advisers access to content including several hundred articles, videos, checklists and learning modules covering topics such as cash flow, debt, superannuation, insurance, estate planning, tax, investments and the soon-to-be-released aged-care module.

Advisers could customise their content to pick and choose what was relevant to their clients, the company said.

IRESS Knowledge Centre product manager Rob Skinner said advisers’ need to engage their clients and demonstrate the ongoing value of the advice relationship was central to the move.

“There is growing demand from advisers to provide quality content to their clients, but we hear consistently that the biggest challenge advisers face in producing content for clients is curating and distributing content without adding excessive workload,” Skinner said.

He said Xplan would add new content, including articles and animated videos, to the Knowledge Centre every month, to ensure practices had a fresh and growing source of material to keep their clients and prospects engaged.

All content was produced by professional financial writers, with learning modules approved by Deakin University, and advisers would have the option to have their own fully hosted and practice-branded Financial Knowledge Centre website.

Skinner said advisers could also use the monthly newsletter template produced by the Knowledge Centre, which was sent to clients through the Xplan Campaign function. An entry would then made in the client’s note section and in the audit trail for fee disclosure statements.

“Xplan users are able to customise and send personalised newsletters and updates to their clients, with the content tailored to their specific demographic and interests, direct from Xplan,” he said.

The content access followed last month’s announcement that next-generation digital tools would be available through Xplan from early 2018, which IRESS said would cater for an increasingly flexible, consumer-led market.

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